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About Us

Rodel Zamora
Strudel Arts started from a guy who’s fond of movies since childhood and dream to be a film maker when he grows up. Rodel Zamora is the head photographer and videographer of Strudel Arts. He is a graduate of Computer Science from AMA Computer University in 2006, but, film directing is what he wants to pursue.

Rodel has been an artist at heart ever since he was a kid and joined different school clubs such as Arts and Music that boosted his talent to a new heights. After graduating from college, he teamed up with his high school friend Rex Romero who happened to be a professional photographer that time. Rex taught him the basic principles of photography and videography. Few years later, his partner Rex decided to leave the country and migrate to the U.S. with his family and left Rodel nothing but the things that his friend taught him. He applied for a job as a technical support associate and met friends on his 5-year stay in the company. During the time that he work as a regular employee, he started to accept freelance work as a photographer for different events.

But then came a time that clients are asking for photo and video services that requires extra manpower. He invited all his friends and colleague who know photography and videography to join together and create a powerhouse team thus Strudel Arts was born.

Rodel’s creativity on his works made him stand out from other studios because of the level of detail that he applies on every shot that he makes.

Rodel has a heart for music as well. He can play instrument and was a member of a choir group back in high school. He appreciates different music genre’s such as rock, pop, ballad, hip-hop, RNB’s etc. this gives him the flexibility in choosing the right musical score and sound effects for a particular scene such as in wedding ceremony.

The key to a great video is to have a music that fits perfectly to what the video is trying to portray. Music gives soul to the video and creates an emotional impact. That’s why it’s critical that he makes sure that the music that he will choose will give character to the craft.

All of these won’t be possible without the help of the Strudel arts team backing him up. It’s the people of Strudel Arts makes the work special, they believe that when they put passion on it, art will surely emerge.